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Mecvel Linear Actuators

A Linear actuator is a packaged unit that converts rotary motion into linear movement and consists basically of an electric motor, gearbox and leadscrew or ballscrew. As the screw is rotated by the motor /gearbox, the nut extends and retracts the tube (or shaft) which is attached to the load.

The speed of movement (mm) of this shaft and the acceptable load (N) to be pushed (or pulled) is shown for each type of actuator on the speed/load graphs. The actuator can be stopped at any time during its movement, however consideration must be given to the rated maximum holding force. Duty cycle should not be exceeded (unless an oversized actuator is used with higher specification). Standard duty cycle is rated S3 30% (5mins cycle) @ 30oC and temperature range is -10oC to + 60oC

The main features for Linear actuator selection are:

  • Load dynamics (thrust , pull and holding forces, inertia)
  • Speed
  • Stroke (movement)
  • Duty cycle
  • Voltage
  • Enviroment

Generally actuators are non self locking, so additional devices have to be fitted such as brakemotors. To control the actuator stroke there are a number of options, simple magnetic reed switches, integrated mechanical cam limit switches, resistive potentiometer and digital pulse encoder.

Other options for Mecvel Linear Actuators

  • Anti-rotation
  • Safety nut
  • Brakemotors
  • Protection bellows
  • Higher IP Ratings

There are other options available please ask for any special requirements.

All Mecvel actuators are manufactured to ISO 9001.

To assist in your selection process please continue to our applications page and download our guide.